Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday Sermon - Keep It To Yourself!

I recently received this email from an old school friend.

Hey man,

how you doing? Just wondering if you'd be interested in recording some 
lead guitar and piano for an album my band is doing at the moment?

The style is sort of Pearl Jam 90's music etc etc...

Probably be at a local studio

Let me know- thanks mate!

The modern era does not need a nineties Pearl Jam sound - neither did the nineties!

At first I thought I would say yes, just because I enjoy playing guitar, and I enjoy recording.  

Then I considered that this album would actually be put out into the world.  Playing nineties Pearl Jam music is not just a hobby for these guys.  They are trying to make it.  Yet, it is just a hobby.  

They are making something that nobody needs, something embarrassingly irrelevant, and their dream is to be lauded for doing so, and to have their hobby funded.

We surely do have now a Democracy of Culture, in which everyone has voice. Plebeian Polyphony.

Mistakenly, people think the punk credo was "Do it yourself."  It wasn't, it was "We did it for ourselves."  It was difficult for them, and the pressure produced diamonds.  These days all we have is coal.

This is the word of LVD.

Distortion Forever!

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