Thursday, January 3, 2013

LVD on the crescendo:

Crescendo Punk

Why do I use the Crescendo in every song?

To express the urgency of Life passing.

Why is that important?

The new religion shall worship Experience itself.  No dusty deities or hoary heroes.  All experience is divine.  All happenings are heroic.

Do I ever tire of the Crescendo?


Do the songs suffer?

Never.  The songs are simple, but the arrangements are complicated.  The simplicity of the song makes up for the good arrangement.

Is the passing of time Life's tragedy?

Yes. Recurrence is Eternity's comedy.

Are there any problems with the Crescendo?

The third verse is always drowned out, but third verses always should be.

Should I develop a new trick?

Maybe, but now it's kind of my thing.

Distortion Forever!

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